Reflexology is a gentle therapy which is said to encourage the body to naturally restore and strengthen its own healthy balance and encourages relaxation, well being and homeostasis. Generally, Reflexology is said to have a positive impact on your whole being: your mind, body and spirit. Reflexology is a safe, natural, gentle therapy that is say to help almost anyone (including the elderly and babies), irrespective whether the person is healthy, has acute or a chronic condition, suffers from stress, or a disorder.


Reflexology involves pressure points on the feet and/or hand that relate to organs, nerves and glands. By applying pressure to these zones, I am able to detect deposits under the skin on your feet/hands which may be removed by regular pressure. By working on these imbalances it helps to release any blockages allowing energy to naturally flow around the body again. Stress, tension, strain, illness, accidents and general life style impacts more than we realise on a persons body and may cause these imbalances.


Reflexology is generally said to have positive impact for people wishing to:

  • relax

  • relieve tension

  • help with sleeping disorders

  • help with stress related digestive disorders

  • skin or joint problems

  • improves moods and sense of well being

Reflexology is not a replacement for medical treatment, I do not diagnosis or prognosis, however, Reflexology can support most forms of medical treatments if I'm given permission by your local GP.

Other treatments available


I am a 28 year old female and have been suffering from a hormonal imbalance and facial acne. I have had 4 reflexology treatments and can happily say that my symptoms have improved dramatically since starting them.”

Annoymous, Harlow, Essex

Male treatments are on client referral or take place at the Salon I work from.

"I have regular massage combined with reflexology with Rachel and I can honestly say I will not be looking for another therapist. Rachel is very professional and certainly knows her stuff. I immediately felt comfortable with Rachel and she is genuinely friendly. I always feel relaxed and pampered after treatment and even fell asleep during one of my reflexology treatments and I have never ever fallen asleep in treatment no matter how hard I try!!. Highly recommend little Indulgence."

Roxie, Barkingside

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"I have been having reflexology with Rachel for a while now, and have just started having pregnancy massages can’t recommend her enough she is so calming and relaxing. Feel amazing. Thank you x."

Clare, Buckhurst Hill