Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is carried out in a seated position, where your upper back, arms, neck, head and face are massaged using several massaging, shiatsu and acupressure techniques. Indian Head Massage is general used to relieve stress and tension, though the techniques also help to encourage your body to naturally restore its own healthy balance, encourage calmness, well being and relaxation. An Indian Head Massage treatment can release knotted muscles, improve joint mobility, circulatory and lymphatic systems through stimulation and can also make you more alert. Indian Head Massage is said to have a very positive effect on your mind, body and spirit and is highly effective at relieving or alleviating the following symptoms.​

  • mental health issues such as self-esteem

  • joint mobility

  • ear and eye problems

  • fatigue (energise you, make you more alert)

  • knotted muscles

  • relaxation

  • stress related conditions

  • sinus problems and congestion

  • sleep disorders

  • tension headaches/migraines

  • tension and stiffness in neck and shoulders

  • tension in the scalp

Male treatments are on client referral or take place at the Salon I work from.

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"Rachel has been treating my Bell's Palsy with Indian Head Massage in particular massaging my scalp and face. I have found since Rachel has been massaging these areas the symptoms have improved and my facial muscles have started to regain there tone and movement. My doctor is very pleased with the improvement of my facial muscles which I believe has been significantly helped by the Indian Head Massage techniques Rachel's applied. I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from Bell's Palsy."

CBM, Barking