Reflexology is a gentle therapy which is said to encourage the body to naturally restore and strengthen its own healthy balance and encourages relaxation, well being and homeostasis. Generally, Reflexology is said to have a positive impact on your whole being: your mind, body and spirit. Reflexology is a safe, natural, gentle therapy that is say to help almost anyone (including the elderly and babies), irrespective whether the person is healthy, has acute or a chronic condition, suffers from stress, or a disorder.


Reflexology involves pressure points on the feet and/or hand that relate to organs, nerves and glands. By applying pressure to these zones I am able to detect deposits under the skin on your feet/hands which may be removed by regular pressure. By working on these imbalances it helps to release any blockages allowing energy to naturally flow around the body again. Stress, tension, strain, illness, accidents and general life style impacts more than we realise on a persons´ body and may cause these imbalances.


Reflexology is generally said to have positive impact for people wishing to:

  • relax

  • relieve tension

  • help with sleeping disorders

  • help with stress related digestive disorders

  • skin or joint problems

  • improves moods and sense of well being

Reflexology is not a replacement for medical treatment, I do not diagnosis or prognosis, however, Reflexology can support most forms of medical treatments if I'm given permission by your local GP.

Fertility Reflexology

Trying to get pregnant can be a very stressful and an anxious time, especially if you have been trying for a long time. Unfortunately the effects of stress on women can have an impact on the body and can make getting pregnancy more difficult. There may also be other hormonal imbalances affecting a women's ability to conceive - polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, irregular periods, sporadic ovulation and amenorrhea (absence of periods).


Reflexology is generally said to have positive impact on balancing hormones, encourage regular ovulation and relaxation, plus during the treatments we talk/make small changes to you lifestyle that may help achieve the best environment for conception.


Don't forget Dad!

And as it takes 'two to tango' reflexology may help dad-to-be create healthy sperm and improve his general health and well-being. There are many factors that can impact on a man's ability to produce health, strong sperm - stress, lifestyle (including alcohol, diet and exercise). As well as treating him with reflexology to relax and to relieve tension, changes to lifestyle are suggested to help improve his well-being and health - which in turn will improve the chances that he is producing healthy sperm.

Pregnancy Reflexology

After the first trimester you may want some relaxation time; to de-stress and have some TLC especially as your baby and body are continually developing and changing physically as well as the ups and downs emotionally. Reflexology is a wonderful way to relax, improve well-being and help with sleep during this time of change. It is also said to help with pregnancy associated problems such as insomnia and mood changes.

Once you have reached 37 weeks the reflexology sessions start to look at helping prepare the body for a natural labour.


Post Natal Reflexology

Once your baby has arrived, your body will still be experiencing hormonal ups and downs - from needing the right hormones to stimulate milk production, to getting back to a normal menstrual pattern. Reflexology may also help you relax, get a better nights sleep, help relieve tension and improve your sense of well-being - you are the most important person in your new baby's life, so you need to make sure you look after yourself too!

Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage is a wonderful and very relaxing treatment. I adapt the massage to suit your needs, using several different massaging techniques. These techniques help encourage your body to naturally restore its own healthy balance, encourages calmness, well being and relaxation. Holistic Massage can released knotted muscles, help with joint mobility, your circulatory and lymphatic systems through stimulation and can also make you more alert. Holistic Massage is said to have very positive effects on your mind, body and spirit and has many benefits some of which are:

  • relieves muscular pain

  • improves muscle tone 

  • helps alleviating tension and stress

  • helps improves circulation

  • draws blood to the skin which help improve skin tone and helps remove waste

This list is no means not exhausted. You will feel lovely and relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Trigger Point Massage

This type of massage is for people wanting to get on top of those annoying or uncomfortable muscle aches and pains. Trigger point massage works on relieving tight muscles through pressure. It give amazing results wanting you to come back for more and more. You will also find areas you were not aware were sore. During this massage you have to stay alert and continuously communicate with the therapist. Even though your are not fully relaxed during this treatment you will feel fabulous afterwards even relaxed, more supple and 'freer' in the sore muscular areas.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is a very gentle and relaxing treatment. Like every massage the massage is all about you and making sure your needs are met. You may decide to have your back, neck and shoulders massaged from a sitting position followed by having your legs, arms, head and face massaged from the massaging couch. Or alternatively you can have the whole massage from the massaging couch. Its all about making you comfortable. Every women is different and therefore every pregnancy is different too so we can adapt the massage to suit your needs.  Different massaging techniques are applied and these techniques help encourage your body to naturally restore its own healthy balance, encourages calmness, well being and relaxation. Pregnancy Massage can help with muscle tension, joint mobility, circulatory and lymphatic systems and can also make you more alert. Pregnancy Massage is said to have very positive effects on your mind, body and spirit and has many benefits some of which are:

  • reduce stress hormones

  • reduce anxiety

  • rejuvenates their energy

  • relieves pregnancy discomforts

  • leads to muscle relation and relief of joint pain

  • builds a feeling a sense of connectedness

  • may help improve the progression of labour

  • improve sleep


Pregnancy Massage is only given after the first trimester.

Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stones massage is a beautiful treatment which uses heat from the smooth basalt stones to deeply relax your muscles, allowing you to unwind both physically and mentally. This luxurious treatment eases muscular aches and pains, whilst melting away any stress and anxiety you may have, taking you to a deep relaxed state. What is most wonderful is you will continue to feel the heat long after the treatment has finished and will want to continue the relaxation. Be sure to take some time out after your treatment as you may not want to do anything other than relax.

A hot stone massage will positively impact your mind, body and soul but it will also:

  • relax tense muscles

  • aid pain relief

  • reduce stress and anxiety levels

  • promote sleep

  • improve circulation

Warm Bamboo Massage

Needing a massage to get into your tight muscles? A warm bamboo massage gently warms your muscles giving you a deep massage whilst the bamboo also allows extra pressure to be applied on tight muscles. Due to the warmth from the bamboo, the massage is a soothing treatment coupled with the smooth bamboo and the differing lengths allows the therapist to give a deep precise massage relieving aches and pains.  

Available Treatments


I am a 28 year old female and have been suffering from a hormonal imbalance and facial acne. I have had 4 reflexology treatments and can happily say that my symptoms have improved dramatically since starting them.”

Annoymous, Harlow, Essex

Rachel gave me the most incredible massage, so needed at 28 weeks pregnant and achey all over. I felt great afterwards, relaxed and energised and the aches had gone! She's a very calming person and made me feel so comfortable (as I do feel a bit self conscious about my changing pregnant body). Her hands are magical and found all the achey spots straight away. I just love how she comes to your own home and creates a little haven there, so there's no worries about travelling anywhere afterwards in your new chilled out state 😊 Definitely booking another one!

Emily, Wanstead

I have been seeing Rachel for massage and reflexology throughout my pregnancy and would highly recommend her services. Rachel is an expert in dealing with pregnant ladies and I felt totally comfortable with her from the very beginning. Rachel uses excellent techniques to achieve a full body pregnancy massage, which is far superior to others I have had, even at a very well known spa recently, where I paid considerably more for my treatment! I am always amazed by what Rachel can pick up from my feet in my reflexology sessions. Not only is it very enlightening in terms of what is going on in my body, it's incredibly relaxing and I often find myself so relaxed I doze off! The treatments that Rachel offers are second to none and as a therapist she is incredibly professional, knowledgeable and truly passionate about her work. Rachel makes sure you get the most out of your treatment every time and will always follow up to see how you are feeling a day or two afterwards. Rachel is the only therapist I've ever come across, who has a genuine interest for the ongoing effect of her services and the impact that her treatments have on her clients. You're never just another massage, you're an individual and if you book a treatment with Rachel, you will see how you are truly valued as such.

Victoria. Loughton

A massage with Rachel is a real treat. Having it at home is so convenient and she sets up her equipment to make it like a salon but without leaving the house. I've had the pleasure of pregnancy reflexology, pregnancy massage, postnatal reflexology (with baby sleeping on me!) and massage and always feel rejuvenated after treatments. And now my husband has discovered she also does gift vouchers!

Lucy. Wanstead

Rachel is professional, warm, and so good at what she does. I felt in great hands, so relaxed and like she genuinely cared about her work. I'd recommend her in a heartbeat - and have already booked my next appointment :)

Shurron, Woodford Green

Emma's Daddy, Chingford

"Rachel has been treating my Bell's Palsy with Indian Head Massage in particular massaging my scalp and face. I have found since Rachel has been massaging these areas the symptoms have improved and my facial muscles have started to regain there tone and movement. My doctor is very pleased with the improvement of my facial muscles which I believe has been significantly helped by the Indian Head Massage techniques Rachel's applied. I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from Bell's Palsy."

CBM, Barking

"Have been having reflexology with Rachel for a good few years now and more recently, a mixture of reflexology sessions and trigger point massage. I can't recommend her enough!! Not only is she great at what she does, she is friendly and professional and I always feel so relaxed and pampered by the end of each session. It's my favourite christmas/ birthday present!!."

Laura, Collier Row

The massage will leave you feeling relaxed and energised and with a sense that your muscles have been stretched, warmed and elongated. 

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is carried out in a chair where your upper back, arms, neck, head and face are massaged using several different massaging, shiatsu and acupressure techniques. These techniques help encourage your body to naturally restore its own healthy balance, encourages calmness, well being and relaxation. An Indian Head Massage treatment can release knotted muscles, improve joint mobility, circulatory and lymphatic systems through stimulation and can also make you more alert. Indian Head Massage is said to have a very positive effect on your mind, body and spirit and is highly effective at relieving or alleviating the following symptoms.​

  • mental health issues such as self-esteem

  • joint mobility

  • ear and eye problems

  • fatigue (energise you, make you more alert)

  • knotted muscles

  • relaxation

  • stress related conditions

  • sinus problems and congestion

  • sleep disorders

  • tension headaches/migraines

  • tension and stiffness in neck and shoulders

  • tension in the scalp

Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi Ear Candling is a pleasant, relaxing treatment which is used to treat a variety of symptoms, most importantly it does not hurt. The Hopi Ear Candle is hollow and works like a chimney. When lit there is a mild suction which draws out impurities from the ear into the lower section of the candle or to where the impurity deposits can be gently removed around your ear. In some cases they will even work their way up to the surface 24-48 hours after treatment. The warm flow from the Hopi Ear Candling stimulates and cleanses the circulatory and lymphatic systems around your face area. It also stimulates energy and reflex points. The rising air inside the ear gently vibrates gently massaging the ear drum. This effect sometimes mean people experience a lighter feeling in the ear and head area. This is caused by the Hopi Ear Candle equalising the pressure within your head and ear.

Hopi Ear Candling may benefit the following symptoms but the results may vary from patient to patient. If you are in any doubt always contact your GP.

  • glue ear

  • headaches or migraines

  • labyrinthitis

  • rhinitis

  • stress

  • excess wax production

  • irritation of the ear, sinuses (hayfever)

  • sinusitis

  • tinnitus

  • improve sign and vision

  • heightens taste and smell

  • mental clarity

  • relief from menieres disease

  • releases jaw tension/ jaw pain

  • cleansing for chakras

  • chronic otitis media

​Depending on the severity of your presenting symptoms you may need a course of treatments. This will be discussed with you at the end of your initial treatment.


There are several contradictions where it is advised not to use Hopi Ear Candling

if you have grommets, infection or inflammation in the ear, allergies to the ingredients in the Hopi Ear Candle

Biosun Ear Candles are used during your treatment which are manufactured by the British Safety Standards and are recognised with a safety kite mark.


Male treatments are on client referral or take place at one the Salon's I work from.

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Male treatments are on client referral or take place at the Salon I work from.

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